Our Products & Services

Mining Consumables

Grakaemmanuels supplies high quality mining chemicals, equipment and spare parts with the strong back-up from reputable suppliers dotted worldwide. This has been made possible through strategic relationships with various stakeholders. Its target niche is the large scale, small scale and the public (makorokoza) who are venturing into mining and we have packages tailor made for each target group. Grakaemmanuels is strong in the gold mining industry and supplies all the chemicals and reagents that go into the metallurgy of gold recovery using all the commercially applicable technologies in use world over.

Industrial Chemicals

Grakaemmanuels is an importer and distributor of raw material chemical for the benefit of the industrial (food, pharmaceutical, detergents, personal care, paint etc.). The key firm products are:
Caustic soda,
Petroleum jelly,
Sulphonic acid,
Glucose, and
Citric acid

Agro Chemicals

Grakaemmanuels supplies chemical from renowned suppliers of chemicals and related products. The key products are: Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides Fertilisers-
a. Compounds – two or more nutrients joined together in a chemical process. Examples include: Cpd D, Cpd X, Z, L, D extra
b. Blends – a combination of separate fertilisers. For Example, Double D, Super D, Cereal Blend, Veg Blend
c. Straights fertilisers – supplies one or more major nutrient. Examples Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium nitrate, Single Super Phosphate, Murate of Potash
d. Speciality fertilisers – a range of specialised fertiliser targeted at creating value for farmers. Quick Start Plus, Quick Grow plus, Best Bloom
e. Foliar fertilisers – concentrate liquid fertiliser that contains macro and micro nutrients for example Aqua sap, Wuxal 3.2.1.

Security Systems

Grakaemmanuels is determined to achieve complete domestic & industrial automation by 2030. Below is the range of offerings:

Office Furniture, Stationery & Accessories

The company supplies anything you can think of for use in offices. Be it furniture, stationery or many others:
Computers & Accessories