We Have Excellent PPE Consumables


Grakae PPE

Grakaemmanuels PPE is a leading supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company was incorporated in 2014, under the Companies Act Chapter 24:03 as a Limited Company. We are a reliable supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE). We aim to help companies worldwide to create lasting culture of safety that ensures that employees make safer decisions on their own.

Industrial PPE

We do customised and bulk procurement and supply of a wide range of Industrial PPE for mines, factories etc

Masks & Sanitisers

Due to Covid-19 outbreak, we have a section that does supplies of masks and sanitising material. These can either be plain or branded for the client.

Medical PPE

We do supplies of a wide range of Medical PPE equipment and accessories and branding is available if our clients wishe to have it.

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